Mole scarers



Mole scarerA mole-scarer is an effective device for mole control. It also helps to get rid of other ground rodents and insects (shrews, mice, rats, fen-crickets).

It is recommended to use mole-scarers at suburban and garden plots, vegetable gardens, for protection of suburban houses and rural area from penetration of rodents through earth floors.

Moles are active and gluttonous creatures. All year long they make underground passages extending borders of their hunting grounds. An abrupt peak of moles activity takes place in spring and autumn. In this time they increase their passage system several times. To prevent contamination of soil with rodents it is necessary to take whole-year prophylactic measures.

A low-frequency mole-scarer substitutes a whole complex of traditional mole combating means. Its operation is similar to a reliable "kosmic" shield that will protect your land from uninvited guests. Your green grass-plots and "English lawns" will keep an ideal surface, roots of flowers and trees will remain unimpaired, and you will be able to wait for maturing of your harvest calmly.

The mole-scarer represents a compact device generating low-frequency oscillations (400-1000 Hz), similar to those appearing before beginning of earthquakes.  The device is to be dug into a dense ground, so the vibrations are spread through the soil to an area of more than 550 sq.m. Inhabitants of ground burrows - moles, mice, shrews perceive these signals as a warning about a coming calamity. And, naturally, they hurry to leave insecure zones as soon as possible. In atmosphere the weak low-frequency vibrations produced by a mole-scarer fade very quickly and they are absolutely harmless for people, insects and plants and also for other creatures dwelling in the soil, - for example, earth-worms.

A structure of the mole-scarer is very simple, it is reliable in operation, it is economical. The device is produced in a plastic body, which excludes corrosion and possible damage. The device does not require an extra maintenance during operation. On set of batteries is sufficient for 560 hours of uninterrupted work.

Please note our recommendations on the mole-scarer installation and operation.

Using the mole-scarer of "Kosmos" brand you
- save your money. Taking into account that on the area where one device operates, it could be necessary to put up to ten traps; 
- get an assured result;
- make the most of your time;
- save your nerves.

For gross purchases please contact our regional distributors.

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