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Yahoo calls upon Internet users to struggle against global warming

On the 20th of August Yahoo Company launched a new on-line educational program "Yahoo Green". Due to this project, users will be informed about the latest events in environment conservation field and will be able to learn various consumers information (for example, how to consume the fuel economically when driving a car). Moreover, Yahoo Green proposes to all internet users to take an active part in a struggle with climatic changes, the Reuters Agency informs.

Each visitor of the site can choose a suitable for him or her method of reduction of greenhouse gas emission into atmosphere. For example, the Earth can be successfully saved from global warning if energy-saving lamps will be used, if plastic bags will be used repeatedly, if we will take public transport more often then a private car and so on. Having determined the most acceptable method for him- or herself, a user will be able to see what will be the collective influence on the climate exerted by all participants of the program who has chosen this method.

Last month Yahoo advertised that by the end of 2007 it would become a "carbon neutral" Company, having reduced greenhouse gases emission. Many of first-rate American companies are already calling themselves "carbon neutral" ones - they decrease carbon-dioxide gas emission to atmosphere at their works and require authorities of all levels to change their policy for slowing down global warming.

In Yahoo it is considered that it will be Internet users who will play the general part in environment conservation. Today about 500 million people all over the world use on-line services of the Company.  If everyone of them contributes his or her share to reduction of greenhouse gases emission volumes then climatic changes could be stopped or, at least, slowed down.

For the time present, only residents of the United States can participate in the program, but the Company promises to make it accessible later on also for other countries. I is also known that Yahoo will present ten Ford Escape hybrid engine cars to the city among inhabitants of which there will be found the most quantity of Yahoo Green participants. Ten more   Ford Escape cars will be donated by the Company to New-York where they will replace conventional taxi.

Reported by Reuters Agency

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