News in energy-saving

Street luminaires in Zhitomir will be equipped with energy saving lamps

By the end of 2007 in Zhitomir, 1600 outdoor lamps will be replaces with energy-saving lamps.

This information was reported by Yuriy Yanushevich, Director of "Misksvitlo" Public Utility Company of Outdoor Illumination Electric Networks. He also noted that use of one energy-saving lamp gives a possibility to save 357 UAH per year.

In 2007 in Zhitomir a reconstruction of outdoor illumination was accomplished in Kotovskogo, Schorsa, Chernyakhovskogo, Pobedy, Vitruka, Berdichevskaya streets.

Also completed are the works on illumination of "Zhitomir City 1100 Anniversary" monument , of a pedestrian bridge in Gagarin Park, of office buildings on Koroleva and Sobornaya squares.

"Zhitomir City Journal"

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