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Light to your Home

On the 6th of November 2007, within the framework of European Quality Week, a press conference with specialists of GP "Poltavastandartmetrologia" (National Enterprise "Poltava Regional Scientific and Technical Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification") was conducted for mass media representatives.

The action was dedicated to artificial lighting and was named "Light to your Home".

The press-conference took place in the Center of Electric Lamps and Technologic Equipment Testing. It is here that the most various investigations of all range of lighting technology production are carried out for determination of its correspondence to national and international standards.

The specialists noted that at present time the problem of energy-saving is critical enough in Ukraine. While all over the world the programs on energy-saving in lighting field began to be realized from the nineties of last century, electricity tariffs in our country remained very low. Therefore, now domestic consumers have got a very efficient incentive to use lamps with a higher performance factor in their everyday life.

And it is possible to retrench, first of all, using up-to-date light sources. In particular, compact fluorescent lamps designed for direct substitution for incandescent lamps and conventional fluorescent lamps as well as LED luminaires. Among their advantages it is possible to mention high luminous efficiency and a much higher service life (8-10 times higher than incandescent lamps have).

Quality of light sources is a key to solution of majority of problems and for the most rational use of resources within strict budget limits.  But as for economy on light quantity, specialists do not recommend to save on it. You know that insufficient lighting dissipates attention and causes tiredness. Not without reason all over the world the requirements to lighting fixtures increase. Because poor artificial lighting is not a temporary discomfort but a permanent destructive influence on health.

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