That’s interesting!

In "That's Interesting!" chapter we collect useful information about modern light sources, their distinctions and advantages, new possibilities of application in design of lodging, office, production area interior.   

Illumination standards for dwelling and industry objects will help you to create an effective light space where you can work  productively and relax with comfort.

In "Related Sites" chapter you can find links to useful web-resources on light technology subject, addresses of "Kosmos" brand partners, sites of specialized state and public organizations.

Useful information

What kinds of lamps exist?

Making a choice reasonably. Particular features of different kind of lamps.

Lamps must shine for a long time...

"Kosmos" energy-saving lamps
Practical advices on energy-saving

We'll find the answers to all questions!

Related sites

Ministry of fuel and power of Ukraine

"Narodnaya Initsiativa" ("People's Initiative")
Support Fund for social and public educational programs of governmental authorities

"Narodnaya Initsiativa" organization creates and implements social and public educational programs (public service advertising) dedicated to the most significant social issues, in the Russian Federation since 1998.

National Inspection on Energy-Saving

National Electricity Regulatory Commission of Ukraine
Forming and provision of united national policy realization in area of whole sale energy market, gas, oil and oil products market development and functioning.

"SberSvet" ("Light-Saving") Web project
This site contains information about numerous aspects of energy-saving - from economy of electrical energy in a dwelling house entrance to factory equipment.

GP "Poltavastandartmetrologia"
National Enterprise "Poltava Regional Scientific and Technical Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification"

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