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"Electro-2007" exhibition

From the 13th till the 16th of June 2007 an International exhibition named "Electrical equipment for power and electrical engineering and electronics; energy- and resources-saving technologies, household electrical appliances" – "Electro-2007" was held in Moscow Expocentre. "Kosmos" brand traditionally took part in it.

 The exhibition was conducted under the patronage of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Moscow City Government.

International exhibition Electro 2007 On the "Kosmos" stand the following exhibits were represented:

- high pressure mercury-tungsten lamps - universal light sources that can substitute for an incandescent lamp and allow to save electric energy. They are characterized by long service life, instant starting and pleasant color of the emitted light.  These lamps are applied for illumination of parks, areas, storage facilitie;

- compact double-base metal halide lamps with a quartz burner that give high luminous efficiency and at the same time they have low heat radiation. These lamps are used for interior local lighting of exhibitions, show-windows, entrance halls, advertisement constructions and architectural lighting;

- metal halide lamps (tubular and ellipsoid) with Е40 cap have a long service, good color rendition and are accepted for application in open and closed luminaires. These lamps are applied for general illumination of trading areas, halls, industrial objects;

- halogen floodlights, distinctive features of which are a strong aluminum body with anticorrosion coating and presence of high-quality rubber seals;

- damp-proof and dust-proof lighting fixtures designed for general illumination of dwelling and production rooms;

- emergency and storage-battery lamps used for public and industry rooms illumination in cases of power supply trouble in main electrical supply networks, also these lamps are used as evacuation lighting;

- supply-line filters protecting electronic devices from impulse noises, voltage jumps, short circuits;

- energy-saving lamps;

- power supply elements, accumulators, charging units and many other things.

The production evoked big interest of specialists and exhibition visitors. Those who visited "Kosmos" stand could obtain production catalogues and consultations of technicians.

In the exhibition of this year more than 600 companies from 25 countries participated: from Armenia, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Czechia, Switzerland, Estonia.

"Electro-2007" become a good opportunity for "Kosmos" brand to establish new business contacts, to demonstrate the latest production, to exchange ideas and projects, to obtain more profound information about the market.

For active participation and for contribution to electrical engineering development, "Kosmos" brand was awarded a diploma of the exhibition.

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