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The "Light" Exhibition: "Kosmos" and others

On September 11-14, "Kosmos" brand took part in operation of International Specialized Exhibition "Svet" ("Light") in Kiev. This exhibition is a biggest action in lighting technology field in Ukraine. Conventionally, it is conducted within the framework of "Light & Electrotechnics Festival" International Forum. From our review you can learn about the results of participation of "Kosmos" in the International Forum and about impressions of its visitors.

Around the world of "Light"

 Exhibition Light
From the 11th till 14th of September 2007, "Light & Light Technology Festival" was carried out in Kiev. "Light" VII International Exhibition was conducted within the framework of the Festival. That was a national-scale event in light technology and equipment field, so all leading companies and brands of Ukraine tried to come to light. Very commendably were looking the expositions made by our foreign colleagues from Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Italy, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, South Korea.

The "Light" Exhibition succeeded to be bright and impressive. Having kept a businesslike air peculiar to specialized actions, organizers brought into the working process some fresh and unexpected elements. There you could see a drum concert at the stand of one of the participants, charming girls-fasion models dressed in LED waistcoats, Santa Claus' coach with deer harnessed in it and fairy trees sown with LED fireflies.

About rational things - with emotions

Generally speaking, light is a delicate thing. It is capable of making unattractive the most beautiful object, of making prominent and noticeable the deeply hidden disadvantages. But at the same time light can artfully take something or someone out from the shade, to highlight key points, to turn Cinderella into a princess, to fill life wit joy and hope.

Well, at this Exhibition, Mr. Light - the hero of the occasion, was in his best creative hypostasis. Light filled with itself all spaces, shimmered with rainbow tints, was endlessly reflected in glass show-windows, playfully touched crystal pendants, - the light was live, warm, real.

Designers succeeded to turn the exposition center into a diminutive Light Country where you could see how comfortably light can feel in a modern house, how vigilantly it works at production, how it takes care of people in city streets, pleases us on holidays, how it relaxes and diverts itself.

Probably, specialists would call that otherwise: "At the Exhibition represented were prospective technological projects for solving problems in Exhibition Lightillumination of objects of any complexity, in different activity fields, with use of various light sources".   Yes, just so - lighting technology projects. All participants of the exhibition, without exception, proposed not just lamps, luminaires, lighting fixtures but a conceptually new lifestyle under a motto: "Comfort + Economy".

Abundance of light is not a prerogative of elite. This is a general idea that light techniques market operators would like to bring to everyone of us. Up-to-date technologies allow to make the Light a valuable partner and assistant in human life and, at that, to reduce electric energy expenses several times.

Struggle of intellects

Specialists are unanimous in the fact that an intensive forming of energy-saving production, activity, and service market takes place in Ukraine. The demand for technologies allowing to reduce energy consumption steadily increases: volume of energy-saving lamps market in Ukraine increases 100 % annually.

Naturally, prospective character of the market creates a high level of competition in the branch. In the situation that takes place, the consumer's interest can be hold by such companies that will propose a high-quality production in a wide range and for reasonable prices. We can expect a real war of technologies and marketing battles for preferences of both individual and corporative consumer.

The companies-participators have come to the Exhibition with full understanding of the fact that they are in for demonstration of all their best work results and skills in promotion of their production, considering a level of their visitors' grounding and taking into account the possibility of comparison and choice that is given by the exhibition field. Spacious and original exhibition stands of first-rate companies, plenty of various information production, craftsmanship of specialists-participants - all of this has demonstrated to tyros the seriousness of main players' intentions.

The participants presented at the "Light" Exhibition all basic types of up-to-date economical light sources and lighting techniques: 

- compact fluorescent lamps;
- LED-technologies (Light Emitting Diode);
- fiber-optics illumination systems;
- solar energy illumination systems;
- halogen lamps;
- fluorescent lamps;
- UV, neon lamps and lanterns.

Each of these producible types of production has its application field and advantages in comparison with traditional light sources. They essentially save electric energy, have a higher luminous efficiency and service life, a voltage jump stability and can be used in various climatic conditions without deterioration of performance.

Being applied in the proper "working place", these wonders of lighting engineering exert the most direct influence on labor effectiveness, health saving, emotional comfort, safety. They help people to develop the surrounding space in the modern way and, literally, to expand its bounds. 

To serve people!  

 Exhibition Light
On of the central places of this year Exhibition was occupied by a stand of the "Kosmos" brand. This brand appeared on Ukrainian market less than one and a half years ago and practically at once it took the leader's position in the branch.

"Kosmos" brand exposition, having been placed on the area of several tens of square meters, united in itself the stands and show-windows of diverse subjects, where a wide range of electric appliances of this brand were presented.

Energy-saving lamps. Distinguishing features of "Kosmos" energy-saving lamps are:

- variety of external shape (due to this the lamps can be used in lighting fixtures in home conditions, at production areas, in offices as well as for independent application in creation of spectacular design projects);    
- wide power range (allows to replace ordinary incandescent lamps with the power from 45 to 275 Wt. When giving the same luminous efficiency, energy saving lamps consume 5 times less electric energy); 
- tiny size (unique compact lamps that can be used in luminaires of small sizes).

And the fact that is important for a consumer: availability of full range of the lamps in trading networks of practically all regions of Ukraine.

Lanterns. A separate stand of "Kosmos" exposition was dedicated to portable light sources. Here represented were universal lanterns - from floodlights to tiny pieces of work comfortably accommodated in ladies handbag; reliable, sealed and shockproof lanterns for fans of long journeys and "extreme", luminaires for professionals - signal lanterns, lanterns equipped with magnets, automobile lamps, lanterns with head fastening; high-powered battery lanterns with combined halogen, fluorescent and LED lamps.

Solar powered lanterns. These lamps are a real gift for all practical creative people. There is no need to block up the space with wires - lanterns operate on solar energy. The battery charge of one light day is enough for lighting during the dark time up to the next sunrise. Themes used in creation of the lanterns -  nice families of gnomes, funny little animals, big and small balls - bring a fairy variety into life. Lanterns can be used as decorative elements in landscape projects, they will beautify the night life of restaurants and café; waterproof spherical lanterns are specially designed for extra illumination of pools.

Interested visitors could see at the "Kosmos" brand stand a variety of other handy and stylish appliances: wireless bells, tiny night lamps, funny LED pocket flash lights - Kosmo-Pets, bags-refrigerators, mosquito repelling lamps, subsonic mole-scarers and other things.

All this various range of lighting technology products is distinguished with the main features: hey are up-to-date, high-quality, stylish, economical and accessible. They are created to serve people reliably and for a long time.

Notes made after the Exhibition 

Exhibition LightThe present "Light" Exhibition took place for the seventh time. This is some sign, in a sense: the number "seven" is a symbol of a full cycle completion, conclusion of a certain logic period. We can expect a new phase in a life of the Exhibition itself and of all lighting technology branch in Ukraine. Probably, new ideas that are just born now will determine the ways of development for the nearest years. Thus, the specialists note that in the near future a tendency is outlined towards co-operation of lighting fixtures and energy-saving lamps producers, in order that a consumer could obtain a finished economical solution with certain standards and a quality warranty.

A lot of ideas were outspoken. Taking into account a purposefulness and professionalism of the companies that took part in the Exhibition there is no doubt that these ideas will be successfully realized.

All of us - both consumers and producers - are participating now in a peaceful revolution that takes places in minds and lives of people. Its essence adds up to the main idea: we learn to consume the energy obtained from the nature carefully and rationally. This is a good form, feature of civilization and - simply - it is profitable from all points of view.

Development of the further events will be elucidated by the next exhibition. We shall be glad to see you there!

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