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"I’m saving for myself!" Action

On the 20th of September Mosenergosbyt (Moscow Energy Sale Enterprise) in partnership with "Kosmos" brand have conducted an action named "I’m saving for myself!", in support of city energy-saving program. One of the stages of the action was exchange of old incandescent lamps for energy-saving lamps offered by "Kosmos" brand.

Kosmos brand actionTwo leaders of Russian energy market - first-rate energy sale company "Mosenergosbyt" and "Kosmos" brand -  leader in "energy-saving illumination" branch, united their efforts with a noble aim: to demonstrate up-to-date potentialities of energy-saving technologies to Moscowites.

"I'm saving for myself!" action is a part of a large program on popularization of energy-saving in Moscowites everyday life.

More than 500 people from different regions and districts of Moscow took part in this action, in spite of the fact that initially it was intended for Moscow Western Administrative District inhabitants. The action was covered by 5 federal and metropolitan TV channels and more than 15 printed and electronic mass media sources.

The biggest interest of the action participants was evoked by "Kosmos" brand action: exchange of old incandescent lamps for "Kosmos" energy-saving lamps. Right in the street a stand was placed with "Kosmos" brand energy-saving production, also opened was a mobile "Exchange station" where each wishing person could obtain a professional consultation on everyday application of energy-saving lamps and could exchange aKosmos brand action bulb, usual for everybody, for a modern economical wonder of technique.

In all, more than 1000 lamps were exchanged. Total effect of their usage will amount 85 MWt per annum or about 200 thousand rubles per annum. Considering the fact that a service life of energy-saving lamps makes not less than 6 years, the energy-saving effect will exceed 500 MWt.

In the course of the action, technicians were giving recommendations to city-dwellers about simple methods of electric energy economy in everyday life. Also within the framework of the action a children's picture contest on the subject of energy-saving, quizzes were conducted.

Reported by Mosenergosbyt OC and «Kosmos» brand

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