"Kosmos" brand news

The results of "Prize Season" action from "Kosmos" brand have been summed up

The "Prize Season" action had been conducted by "Kosmos" brand for its partners from the 1st till the 31st of October. The action motto was: "Buy "Kosmos" lamps – get a prize!" Moreover, the value of the prize increased with the value of the buy.

According to the action results, 256 acoustic systems, 118 bags-refrigerators, 13 photo cameras, 6 DVD-players, 8 home theatres will be presented to winners.

Our partners L.M. Kurgatenko from Belaya Tserkov and L.V. Grigorenko from Zaporozhye will be owners of liquid-crystalline monitors.

Our clients from Cherkassy and Lugansk - A.O. Romanova and R.V. Logachyov will get modern notebook computers. 

For those "Kosmos" brand partners who could not participate in this action we glad to report: a new enthralling marketing action will take place in the nearest time. Check announcements on "Kosmos" brand site.

And win with "Kosmos brand"!

Acoustic system  Monitor        Photo camera       Notebook computer

 DVD player    Home theatre        Bag-refrigerator             bag-refrigerator

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