"Kosmos" brand news

"Mini" is always in fashion

In the end of November 2007 "Kosmos" brand put on the market a new series of energy-saving lamps in mat bulbs. A unique merit of the new lamps is tiny dimensions.

In the new mini-series the models of energy-saving lamps made in a candle, cylinder, pear shape are represented as well as a spherical shape model that is traditional for customary incandescent lamps.

Application of a fixed bulb increases safety of the new lamps in their operation. Mat bulb gives a soft scattered light. Variety of shapes allows to use the lamps without shades, broadens decorative capabilities of energy-saving lamps.

Lamps of the mini-series have a wide power range from 7 Wt to 24 Wt. They can be used both for interior and exterior lighting.

 Energy-saving lamps

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