"Kosmos" brand news

Save Energy – Take Care of the Planet!

Under this motto a joint program of the Fuel and Energy Ministry of Ukraine and "Kosmos" brand started in the beginning of December 2007 in Ukraine. "Kosmos" brand came out as a sponsor of a National Information Program.

Energy-saving lampsIn the beginning of December a great number of bright advertising posters calling to save energy appeared in the streets of Ukrainian cities.

What the economy should begin with? It turns out that the simplest way is to replace conventional incandescent lamps by economical light sources. Energy-saving lamps consume 5 times less electric energy.

Such a little contribution of each citizen gives a huge result within the framework of the whole country. Calculations show that if economical light sources are used instead of conventional incandescent lamp in everyday life and for industrial lighting, then energy consumption in the scale of Ukraine can be reduced for 16 %.

In the last years in Ukraine a significant growth of energy consumption took place. What does it mean for Ukraine? 

1. Increase of dependence on energy resources import.
Nowadays Ukraine imports 53 % of energy carriers, about 60 % of them falls on a single country - Russia.   
2. Building of new electric power stations. 
3. Increase of negative burden of the environment. 
The fallowing factors are accounted for electric power stations:
- more than  45 % of hazardous substances emission to the atmosphere;
- almost 25 % of contaminated sewage waters discharge; 
- more than 26 % of solid waste;
- about 65 % of total volume of greenhouse gases.
4. Ecology catastrophe for future generations.
Environment pollution level in Ukraine is 6.5 times higher than in the USA that are considered a first-rate environment contaminator.

It's worth while thinking about. These problems have become non-abstract a long time ago; they directly concern all of us. Abroad, whereEnergy-saving lamps people have encountered fuel and energy crisis much earlier, determined ways and plans of struggle with its consequences have been already developed. 

Every year energy-saving lamps gain more and more popularity all over the world: they save up to 80 % of energy in comparison with conventional incandescent lamps, they are simple in use, compatible with standard electricity supply networks and luminaires. In the nearest years European Union countries, Australia, Canada, USA and other countries of the world plan to completely refuse an application of incandescent lamps and to go on to lighting with energy saving lamps.

The positive experience of our neighbors is one more argument in support of the fact that there are simple and efficient ways of electric energy economical use.  It is important to remember that energy saving lamps allow to economize with pleasure, without loss of quality and life comfort. 

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