"Kosmos" energy-saving lamps

Quality and innovations are main guiding lines on all stages of creation of energy-saving lamps, beginning from technological processes and finishing with production promotion. Production of the lamps is situated on up-to-date plants in China and is realized on the same technological lines where production is assembled for many of western brands. Parameters of each produced lot are controlled by an international inspectorial company.

"Kosmos" energy-saving lamps are certified in Ukraine. Control tests of "Kosmos" production were made by Electric Lamps and Technology Equipment Testing Center of GP "Poltavastandartmetrologia" The Testing Center in Poltava passed accreditation on correspondence to ISO standards and has a reputation of exacting and independent certification body. A modest "Corresponds" for all normative factors is one of achievements of "Kosmos" energy-saving lamps.

In "Kosmos" energy-saving lamps production process the way from an idea to large-scale production is shortened as much as possible. Production process is constantly enriched with new technologies, due to which new modifications of energy-saving lamps with improved parameters - tiny sizes, unique shapes, convenient nominal values - are offered to consumers. Thus, "Kosmos" brand represented at the market an unique tiny "CUBE" lamp that doesn't surpass an incandescent lamp (9 cm) in size, safe mini-lamps in mat bulbs of classical shapes: a candle, a sphere, a cylinder and other. Due to appearance of new models, the range of compact fluorescent lamps application significantly widens.

Sale system organization and trading staff management of "Kosmos" brand deserves special attention. At the present time a powerful distribution network is created in all regions of Ukraine, "Kosmos" production is presented in more than two tens of first-rate building and trading supermarket networks. Points of sale are serviced by trained sellers-consultants. Among their tasks there is not only representation of complete information about "Kosmos" production range but also consulting on general questions of energy-saving lamps use.

Price policy relating to "Kosmos" brand production is realized in introduction of recommended retail prices. Due to this, in any region of Ukraine buyers have a possibility to buy "Kosmos" lamps at an optimal price.

Monitoring of the market situation shows that in "quality - price - range of goods - availability at a trade network" ratio it is hard to compete with "Kosmos" energy-saving lamps.

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