"Valentina" Hotel – here you will never lose your way

Hotel valentina"Valentina" Hotel Complex is situated in a picturesque resort settlement named Bryukhovichi, at a distance of 13 kilometers from the center of Lvov. Around the Hotel there is a genuine pine wood settled by forest creatures, with clear and balmy air, full of silence and serenity...

A modern building of the Hotel is designed for 42 rooms where up to 80 people can settle with comfort. In the Hotel there is everything to make recreation of guests interesting and various: satellite TV, Internet in all the rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a grocery store, a sauna with a pool. Also provided is a well-found conference hall for organization of corporative meetings.

A stylish interior, cozy unobtrusive atmosphere, hospitable staff. And one more important feature that distinguishes this remarkable place - plenty of light.

We talk with the Executive Director of "Valentina" Hotel Complex - Nazariy Stepanovich Zadvornyak.

- Nazariy Stepanovich, tell us please, is it really so that light is a trade mark of "Valentina" Hotel?

- Frankly speaking, I have never attempted to determine what our trade mark is. We just try to be considerate and cordial hosts towards our guests. As regards light, it cheers my heart to look at the Hotel illuminated in the night. And for our guests the bright light in the windows is a good sign showing that the hosts are not sleeping, that the guests are awaited in this house. If you wish, this sign can be called a trade mark.

- There are no dark corners in your Hotel - neither inside the building, nor outside. Nowadays electric energy expenses hit us in our pockets rather sensibly. How do you manage to afford such an expensive habit?

- You are right, this is a rather serious item of our expenses. Illumination of the entire Complex requires about 400 lamps. Depending on the season, 12-15 thousand kWt-h of electric power were spent monthly.

Naturally, a year ago when we were finishing a repair in the new building a question arose how to illuminate our Hotel. A comfort light, pleasant for eye, is a pledge of good impression made by our Hotel on our guests and one of conditions of the staff's good spirits. And so, we weren't going to save on illumination. Once, when I visited "Epicenter" hypermarket in Lvov I came across information about "Kosmos" energy-saving lamps. In those days an action of this brand was conducted in the hypermarket. This action was named "3+1" and was timed to the New Year. When buying 3 "Kosmos" energy-saving lamps one more lamp was given as a bonus. At that time we bought 25 action packs. In such a way the first energy-saving lamps appeared in our lighting system. I can say that none of the lamps from that first lot bought almost a year ago has burned out.

- When you were making the repair did you plan at once the luminaires to be used with energy-saving lamps?

- No we didn't. We used luminaires designed for conventional incandescent lamps. In majority of cases there were no problems with choosing of energy-saving lamps. Although I can say that we encountered a situation when we couldn't select energy-saving lamps of a certain size for one type of our chandeliers: too small were the shades. A new model of "Kosmos" energy-saving lamps - tiny "Cube" became a great help for us. This is the only lamp that doesn't surpass an ordinary incandescent lamp in size. Recently we bought 120 of such lamps.

It is very convenient. Usually we used in the luminaires 40 Wt and 60 Wt incandescent lamps. Now instead of them 13 Wt and 15 Wt energy-saving lamps are operating. At that, the brightness of light is absolutely the same.

At present, the rooms, the conference hall, the entrance hall, the restaurant and the bar in our hotel are illuminated with energy-savingHotel Valentina lamps. We use them as well for exterior lighting of the street, of the parking places. By the end of 2007 we plan to replace all the lamps by energy-saving ones.

- Nazariy Stepanovich, can you evaluate the effect obtained from the replacement of conventional lamps by energy-saving ones?

- We have got an evident result. Formerly, for replacement of incandescent lamps we spent about 3 thousand hryvnas annually, about 50-60 hryvnas weekly. On average, 4-5 lamps burned out per day. We constantly had to interrupt the work of somebody from our staff for replacement of bulbs. And taking into account the height of ceilings, some lamps are located in hard-to-reach places and a special ladder is needed, - so, the replacement of each lamp turned into a whole event. With introduction of energy-saving lamps we obtain a noticeable economy of hotel personnel's labor time. Now they can devote their attention to more important problems of provision of our guests' comfort.

And the most important thing is a significant decrease of electric energy consumption. On average, an energy-saving lamp consumes 5 times less electric energy than a conventional lamp of similar brightness. And, as you can see, they serve for a much longer time. Now, having energy-saving lamps we can afford always to illuminate our Hotel brightly.

- Nazariy Stepanovich, thank you for the conversation. Let me wish you that your lights in the night would always gather tired travelers. That one could always find here warmth, comfort and long-awaited rest. We wish you every success.

For detailed information about the Hotel with a light and warm aura please go to: http://www.valentyna.nezabarom.com.ua/.

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