Prize season from "Kosmos" brand

During October 2007 "Prize Season" action had been conducted for "Kosmos" brand partners. On the 15th of November the results of the action had been summed up.

All private persons and organizations who had bought energy-saving lamps of "Kosmos"  brand at an official distributor could take part in the program.

Conditions of conduction guaranteed for each brand client participating in the action: "Buy "Kosmos" lamps - get a prize!" Moreover, the value of the prize increased with the value of the buy.

Many of our partners used a remarkable opportunity to get a useful gift from "Kosmos" brand. About 300 companies - "Kosmos" brand clients from all regions of Ukraine took part in the action. Participants were also both long-term partners of "Kosmos" brand and companies for which the action became a successful commercial beginning of collaboration with "Kosmos" brand.

A super prize of the action - liquid-crystalline TV set, - to our regret, remained without owner. According to results of the action, 256 acoustic systems, 118 bags-refrigerators, 13 photo cameras, 6 DVD-players, 8 home theatres were presented to the action winners.

L.M. Kurgatenko from Belaya Tserkov and L.V. Grigorenko from Zaporozhye became owners of liquid-crystalline monitors.

Our clients from Cherkassy and Lugansk - A.O. Romanova and R.V. Logachyov now can use IT advantages in their business in full measure - by results of the action they will get notebook computers. We hope that the computers will become irreplaceable helpers for our partners and will contribute to their further business success.

Soon on "Kosmos" brand web-site you will see details of the prizes presentation and photos from places of events.

We congratulate all the action winners, wish them prosperity, business success and good luck in all undertakings!

For those "Kosmos" brand partners who could not participate in this action we glad to report: a new enthralling marketing action will take place in the nearest time.

Check announcements on "Kosmos" brand site!

Sound system  TFT monitor       Camera      Notebook computer

   DVD player   Theater        Refrigerator bag        Refrigerator bag

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